Dropping off students@Mitchell School
In an effort to make it safer to drop students off at Mitchell School in the morning, we have a system and a designated parking lot for this procedure. I am hopeful you will understand and support this effort to keep our children safe. If a friend or relative is dropping off or picking up your child, please share these guidelines with them.

The lower parking lot, located on Mitchell Lane, has been designated as our visitor’s parking lot for student drop-off between the hours of 8:05 and 8:20 AM. NO CARS WILL BE ALLOWED BEYOND THE LOWER PARKING LOT BETWEEN 8:05 & 8:45 and from 2:45 - 3:15. ALL cars MUST access School Lane via Haley Road. Out of respect to our neighbors, please do not take the School Lane short-cut off of Pepperrell Rd/Rt 103 to get to school.

You will have two choices for dropping students off. - we must be timely to avoid traffic backups and bus delays.

Option # 1 If you are able to allow your student to open his/her car door and independently exit your car, you may pull up to the designated drop off area and your son/daughter can exit the car. You may NOT leave your vehicle at any time during this drop off. PLEASE, ALL students MUST get out on the sidewalk side of their vehicles for safety purposes, if possible. Once they are safely on the sidewalk, please exit the parking area. There will be a person on duty to guide students onto the crosswalk of Mitchell Lane and onto the playground.

Option # 2 If parents need to get out of the car to assist their son/daughter, they must park in this lot and accompany their son/daughter safely to the crosswalk at the top of the stairs (A staff member should be on duty there). If the lot is full, please park on the hill in the designated spaces adjacent to the sidewalk on Mitchell School Lane and safely ACCOMPANY your son/ daughter onto the sidewalk or playground.


The bus circle directly in front of the school is closed from 7:45-8:45 AM and from 2:45 - 3:15 PM.   NO CARS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CIRCLE DURING THESE TIMES. Student arriving AFTER 8:25 will be considered late and need a tardy slip. 

If you arrive at school after the duty teacher has departed from the drop-off area (after 8:20 AM). We ask that you park in the lower parking areas and walk with your child to the Mitchell School office window where he or she will be given a tardy slip. We request that you please not walk with your child to his or her classroom for safety and security reasons.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with this plan, please feel free to contact me directly.

Please observe the diagram below, which illustrates the flow of traffic for this system to safely drop off your children.