All Students will be using Google Classroom during our remote learning experience. Please click here for instructions  on how to get into Google Classroom for those who have not yet done so. 

 For the rest of the year, our expectations for students (and families due to the age and development of our students) will be as follows: 

  • Access work on a regular basis - teachers will be assigning work 4 days each week with one day as a day to catch up. We know that you may need to adjust the schedule due to your needs, but request that you are completing the 4 days worth of work. 

  • Turn in assignments as assigned in google classroom

  • Participate in “social” opportunities as provided 

  • Communicate with classroom teacher regularly

  • Reach out when conflicts or barriers arise - we know and understand your circumstances may be impeding your ability to complete work. Please just be in touch with your child's teacher.

Please read on for the plan shared on Friday, April 17th.

Stay well,
Ms. Gamache, Principal

Mitchell's Plan for Remote Learning (beginning April 27th)

Mitchell’s Main Objectives:

  1. Maintain students’ connections to school, peers, and addressing social emotional needs first

  2. Provide opportunities for students to “socialize” with their peers as well as their teachers

  3. Provide exposure to new material as well as continued practice in competencies already taught

Students will be held harmless for learning after the transition to remote learning. 

  • Staff will continue to show empathy for the students in this new learning environment realizing that those who may excel in the classroom may not excel or even be able to access in an online format.

Academic Priorities

  • Teachers and students will prioritize Math and English Language Arts.  ALL other subjects are considered enrichment and learning experiences will be provided for families who are looking to extend their home learning program.

Introducing new Material

  • When introducing material for the remainder of the school year, teachers will significantly reduce the same volume of content compared to what they would do in the traditional classroom. 

  • It is expected that teachers will not complete their curriculum and are encouraged to 

    • Reinforce learning on competencies already introduced - even if it means that they do not teach to the depth that they would have otherwise

    • Examine competencies that have not been introduced, determine essential competencies and pare them down.

    • Focus on exposure to new competencies, rather than mastery

  • Curricular adjustments will be made in the fall to accommodate these changes and staff will have time at the end of the year to work with each other to make those adjustments. 

  • We encourage teachers to create opportunities for more virtual interaction among students in small groups, groups working with other groups and so forth.

Academic Progress Reporting

  • JumpRope nor traditional grading of any sort will not be used 

  • Teachers will maintain data on identified competencies / learning targets being reinforced and introduced 

  • At end of school year, parents will receive a progress report encompassing ONLY April 27 to the end of the year in math and English Language arts and students will be scored as “Progressing”, “Emerging”, or “No Evidence Presented” 

  • Teachers will include a comment / narrative on progress report for each student


Welcome to the Horace Mitchell Primary School located in beautiful Kittery Point, Maine. We are a K-3 school with an enrollment of approximately 360 students. We have a staff of over 55 full time faculty members that provide a full range of services and curricula to our student body. To access an individual teacher's Website, please use the staff directory link above.

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