Below is the link for the Mitchell Student Links that students will be using during our remote learning experience. 

I wanted to also remind you that our goal at this time is to maintain and reinforce skills that have already been taught. Parents: do the best you can! We know that this situation has turned everyone's lives upside down. We DO NOT expect perfection and in fact know that there will be days when you are unable to get things done. We will figure that all out later...for now...take care of yourselves and your families first and foremost. 

Teachers are working to find remote ways to communicate with students in order to check in and help answer questions. You will find all directions from your child's teacher in their link on each grade level page. Only a few are using google classroom at this time so you will only log into that if you are directed to by the teacher. 

Stay well!

Ms. Gamache, Principal


Welcome to the Horace Mitchell Primary School located in beautiful Kittery Point, Maine. We are a K-3 school with an enrollment of approximately 360 students. We have a staff of over 55 full time faculty members that provide a full range of services and curricula to our student body. To access an individual teacher's Website, please use the staff directory link above.

We provide parents with a monthly "Sandpiper Newsletter" which shares activities on a monthly basis and an updated calendar of events.

Parents can find online educational activities for each grade level on the side "Mitchell Student Links" tab. Check it out! Your child accesses this page during computer lab, as well as, in the classroom for extra practice.

For new students and families check out the Welcome Student Slideshow for each grade level on the top left menu under New Family Information. 
For grade level information, click on the left margin titled Curriculum PacketsCommon Core will provide parents with specific information. 

Another resource to support parents is the Counselor's Corner, please use the link above.

We hope the resources provided on our webpage will be helpful to keep parents informed and updated about our school. 

To assist you in registering your son/daughter at the Horace Mitchell Primary School, please download Student Registration Forms for the 2019-2020 School Year. Whether you mail this form or deliver it to us in person, you will need to provide us with an immunization record and a copy of your son/daughter's birth certificate. 

Horace Mitchell Primary School Calendar