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History of Horace Mitchell Primary School

Welcome to the Horace Mitchell Primary School located in Kittery Point Maine. The original Mitchell School was built in 1905. In 1965 a new Mitchell School was constructed on the same site. While both schools were used for a period of time, the older, wooden structured Mitchell School was torn down in 1979. In 1980, an addition was built onto the front of the 1965 Mitchell School. The 1980 addition included a new cafeteria/gym, library, and classroom space. Most recently, an 18 month, 5 million dollar renovation and new construction project was completed in November of 2004. This eliminated our dependence on portable classroom space and added 12 new classrooms and a new gymnasium to our school. In 2011, a six classroom addition was added to make room for the grade three students added to our school program, after the Frisbee school closed in 2009.

Horace Mitchell 1857 – 1922

He was public-spirited, a wise friend to education in Kittery, a patron of history, an excellent speaker, a tireless worker, simple and frank in manner and a loyal friend. His home was the Sparhawk Mansion of Kittery Point, which was built by Sir William Pepperrell for his daughter. The people of Kittery gave him the unusual honor of naming this school for him, while he was still living.

Born in Kittery Point

Educated in Kittery Schools

Master of Grammar Schools – 34 years

Traip Academy Trustee

Member of School Board

Superintendent of Kittery Schools

State Representative - 1891

State Senator - 1895

Postmaster at Kittery Point

Commissioner of State Treasurer’s Accounts - 1897

Kittery Point Co-Founder of Kittery Water District

Promoter of Portsmouth

Kittery and York Street Railway

Proprietor of Hotel Champernowne

Horace Mitchell